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Environmental Reports, Studies & Audits

The Project Approvals for Moolarben Coal Project require an Annual Review to be prepared and submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. This report provides an annual summary of activities, environmental management and performance at Moolarben Coal. 

Reports can be viewed below. 

Independent environmental compliance audits

Moolarben Coal's project approvals require an Independent Environmental Audit be undertaken every three years. These audits must be conducted by qualified, experienced experts with endorsement from the Secretary.

The audits independently assess the environmental performance of Moolarben Coal, and whether it is complying with the relevant requirements of the Project Approval, any relevant mining leases and the Environmental Protection Licence. Audits can be viewed below.

moolarben coal particulate matter control best practice pollution reduction program

Moolarben Coal operates in accordance with Environmental Protection Licence 12932 under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. In accordance with previous Pollution Reduction Schemes, a report on Particulate Matter Control Best Practice was completed. A copy of this report can be found below.


Moolarben Coal Complex Annual Review Report for Project Approvals (05_0117) and (08_0135), Mining Leases 1605, 1606, 1628, 1691, 1715 and EPBC approvals (2007/3297), (2008/4444) and (2013/6926) and Water Licenses.