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Extension Projects

Moolarben Open Cut Extension Projects

Welcome to the Moolarben Coal Open Cut Extension Projects webpage.

This webpage provides information on the proposed Projects and will be regularly updated as the Projects move through the approval processes.

In addition to this webpage, Moolarben will prepare regular newsletters to provide updated information on the Projects. A copy of the most recent newsletter (February 2022) can be download here Moolarben Factsheet and Newsletter February 2022

A copy of the first newsletter can be downloaded here Moolarben Factsheet and Newsletter June 2021

Project Scope

In the first newsletter for the 'Moolarben Coal Complex Open Cut Extension Project' published in June 2021, Moolarben advised it was investigating opportunities to extend open cut operations to the south of OC3 and east of OC4. Following further consideration, Moolarben has decided to focus on the OC3 extension area.

Potential extensions to OC4 are still being investigated and more information on that project will be shared in future newsletters and on this webpage.

Proposed OC3 Extension Project

Moolarben is proposing to extent open cut operations to the south and east of its approved open cut 3 (OC3) mining area. The Project would not change the duration or intensity of mining, the approved peak production rate or mine life at the existing Moolarben Coal Complex. 

A preliminary Project description and detail on key avoidance and mitigation measures are provided in the February 2022 newsletter. 

Current Status: Scoping Report Submitted and SEARs Issued

In early December 2021, Moolarben submitted a Scoping Report and request for Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs). The Scoping Report provides an initial description of the proposed Project, identifies key environmental matters requiring further assessment in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (informed by stakeholder consultation) and sets out the community engagement program.

SEARs were issued by the NSW Dept. of Planning on 21 January 2022. Moolarben will now focus on preparing the Project EIS and ensuring it addresses the SEARs.

A copy of the Scoping Report and SEARs can be found on the NSW Dept. of Planning’s website and can be downloaded here Scoping Report and Issued SEARs

Upcoming Engagement

Engagement will continue with stakeholders and the local community during preparation of the EIS. Issues raised by the community will be taken into consideration in the Project design and addressed in the EIS. 

Focused engagement will also inform the social impact assessment component of the EIS.

The EIS will be prepared by appropriately qualified experts and will include detailed assessments of potential environmental, social and economic impacts and benefits of the Project. The EIS will also identify management and mitigation measures to address the potential impacts of the Project.

Project Updates

Project updates will be available through this webpage and the newsletters.


For further information on the proposed Projects, or to register your interest in participating in the social impact assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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