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Extension Projects

Moolarben Open Cut Extension Projects

Welcome to the Moolarben Coal Open Cut Extension Projects webpage.

This webpage provides information on the proposed Projects and will be regularly updated as the Projects move through the approval processes.

In addition to this webpage, Moolarben will prepare regular newsletters to provide updated information on the Projects. A copy of the first newsletter can be downloaded here Moolarben Factsheet and Newsletter June 2021


Moolarben is investigating options to extend the current open-cut operations at the site. Baseline studies have commenced in two study areas within existing tenements, to inform consideration of:

  • Extending OC3 south; and
  • Extending OC4 east.

The scopes of the Projects are being developed and will be informed by further baseline environmental studies, technical studies and engagement with key stakeholders, including the community and Government agencies.

Moolarben is also investigating an extension to the operational mine life from 2038 to approximately 2045, to enable the extension of mining and to allow for continued employment of the existing Moolarben workforce and other flow-on benefits to the State, regional and local economies.

The Projects plan to utilise existing infrastructure and facilities, where possible, and to maintain existing production rates.

Current Status: Preparing Scoping Reports

The first step in the approval process is to prepare a Scoping Report and apply for Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs).

The Scoping Reports will provide an initial description of the proposed Projects, identify key environmental matters for assessment in the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS - informed by stakeholder consultation) and set out the community engagement program. The SEARs will confirm the assessment requirements for the Project EIS.

The Scoping Report for the OC3 Extension Project is currently being prepared with submission expected in late 2021. The Scoping Report for the OC4 Extension Project is likely to be prepared and submitted in 2022.

Upcoming Engagement

Moolarben will engage with key stakeholders during preparation of the Scoping Reports to ensure any community issues and concerns regarding the Projects are adequately identified and scoped. A specialist social impact consultant will also undertake focused engagement to inform the preliminary social impact assessment component of the Scoping Reports.

Where practicable, engagement on both the OC3 Extension Project and the OC4 Extension Project will be undertaken simultaneously.

Project Updates

Project updates will be available through this webpage and the newsletters.


For further information on the proposed Projects, or to register your interest in participating in the social impact assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Phone: 1800 626 622