Moolarben Coal Operations Pty Ltd Moolarben Coal Operations Pty Ltd

Mining Leases & Licences

Mining Leases

The current mining operations at the Moolarben Coal Complex are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the conditions of Mining Lease (ML) 1605, ML 1606, ML 1628, ML 1691 and ML 1715  granted under the NSW Mining Act, 1992.

Mining leases currently held by Moolarben Coal can be downloaded below.


Each mine in NSW is required to develop a Forward Program as part of the Mining Lease conditions. The Forward Program provides information about the specific mine operations over the following years, including mining, rehabilitation, decommissioning and closure. The current Forward Program for Moolarben Coal can be downloaded below.

environmental protection licence

Mining operations are undertaken in accordance with Environment Protection Licence (EPL) 12932 issued under Part 3 of the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act, 1997.” Environment Protection Licences are issued by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

Environmental Protection Licences outline requirements and limits for activities such as mining coal and emissions. They also establish environmental monitoring and reporting requirements. The Environmental Protection Licence for Moolarben Coal is available below.


Exploration activities are undertake in accordance with Exploration Licences EL6288, EL7073 and EL7074. Exploration licences are issued by the NSW Department of Planning Resources and Energy to approve exploration of resources, and apply conditions to ensure that exploration activities are undertaken to the satisfaction of the Department. Exploration licences currently held by Moolarben Coal are available below.