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This notice is for the information of people residing in the general area of Moolarben, Ulan and Turill localities. Moolarben Coal Operations plan to fly an airborne geophysical survey within the limits of existing exploration and mining tenements as shown on the below plan:

The purpose of the survey is to provide information on the occurrence of subsurface geological features such as igneous bodies and major faults within the area. The survey will be based out of Mudgee and will involve a helicopter operating under CASA regulations flying at 100m above the ground, with a slung load 30m above the ground. The flight pattern will mainly consist of closely spaced east/west oriented lines. No photographs will be taken from the aircraft.

The survey is planned for the 12 – 23 April 2021, subject to weather.

Any enquiries regarding the airborne survey should be directed to Moolarben Coal Operations Community Hotline  1800 556 484.


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