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Licences & Approvals


Moolarben Coal Operations Pty Ltd (MCO) is the operator of the Moolarben Coal Complex. Moolarben Coal Complex has been operating for several years and at full development will comprise four open cut mines (OC1, OC2, OC3 and OC4), three longwall underground mines (UG1, UG2 and UG4), and mining related infrastructure (including coal processing and transport facilities). Mining operations are currently approved until 31 December 2038.

Moolarben Coal Complex has approved to extract up to 21 Million Tonnes of Coal per annum, with up to 13 million tonnes from open cut and 8 million tonnes from underground operations. 18 million tonnes of product coal can be transported from the site per annum.

Mining operations are undertaken in accordance with relevant Project Approvals, Mining Leases, EPBC approval decisions and Environmental Protection licence. Exploration activities are undertaken in accordance with relevant Exploration Licences. Further details are provided in the related links below.

Moolarben Coal Complex Open Cut Optimisation Modification

Moolarben Coal is seeking approval from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment and Federal Department of the Environment and Energy to modify its Project Approvals (5_0117 and PA 08_0135)

The Modification involves optimisations to approved Stage 1 and Stage 2 operations at the Moolarben Coal Complex. 

The key element of the Modification is an increase in run-of-mine (ROM) coal production from the Stage 1 and Stage 2 open cuts (OC1 to OC4). The Modification also involves a minor extension to the OC2 pit limit, minor extensions and reductions of the OC3 pit limits, rehabilitation, water management and relocated/additional surface infrastructure.

The environmental assessment prepared to support the Modification can be found here.